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                                  Waldo Emerson "Dode" McIntosh Award

     Waldo Emerson “Dode” McIntosh (1883-1991) was a long-time, prominent member of the SCV and the first commander of Camp Stand Watie, the predecessor of Camp McIntosh, after the camp was re-chartered in 1950. The Camp’s premiere service award was created in his honor in 1993. The Dode McIntosh Award is reserved for members of Camp McIntosh. It is not an annual award, but is bestowed on a member who has distinguished himself in initiative, inspiration and leadership for the betterment of the Camp.



1993     Gregory K. Moore 

1996     Noel D. Barrett

1998     A. Carl Fallen

2000     Jack E. Westbrook

2003     A. Carl Fallen<

2004     Kenneth H. Cook

2006     Chinnubie McIntosh

2007     Bernie Cooper

2011     Richard Sullivan 

Waldo Emerson “Dode” McIntosh



Jack E. Westbrook Award


     Camp McIntosh established a second award in honor of long-time member, Jack E. Westbrook, in 2008.   This award is available to any member of the Oklahoma Division. It’s also a non-annual award, which is presented from time to time to a compatriot who has accomplished long, faithful and exemplary service to the Oklahoma Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.     



2008     Harold Tydings           

2012     Larry Logan  

2012     Frank Fisk                    

2012     Carl Fallen                    

2014     Bernie Cooper      


Jack E. Westbrook




Paul Jon Miller Award


     The Jon Paul Miller Award is awarded by the National SCV to the camp whose newsletter is judged to be the best for camps with less than fifty members.  Although it’s a camp award, it’s awarded in the name of the newsletter editor.

  2012     Kenneth H. Cook, Editor  
  2013     Kenneth H. Cook, Editor  


Past Commanders

  1980                Mitchell Kelly*  
  1981                Frank Fisk*  
  1982-1986       George Washington, Jr.  
1987-1988       Terry W. Hall
  1989-1990       George Washington, Sr  
  1991                Charles Featherstone  
  1992                Jack E. Westbrook  
  1993                Gregory K. Moore  
  1994                Michael A. Ragge  
  1995                Thomas A. Harrill, III  
  1996-1998        Carl Fallen  
  1999-2000        James L. Woodward, Jr.  
  2001                 Donald A. Wise  
  2002                 James A. McFarland  
  2003-2004        A. Carl Fallen  
  2005-2007        Bernie Cooper  
  2008                 Richard Goforth  
  2009-2010        Johnny Manley  
  2011-2014        Kenneth H. Cook  

* Calculated

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